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In the field of rare metals, we gradually expand from the R&D and production of raw materials to mechanical processing, sample processing, ODM,
according to the specific requirements of customers, integrating design, production and processing, so as to meet
the customer's customized requirements for components. Continuous innovation, and continuous breakthroughs, our products have been exported to the United
States, Germany, Sweden and other countries, and won the world's praise.

Rare Metal

Engaged in the production of rare metal materials (tubes, plates, rods, wires, forgings) mainly composed of titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, ruthenium;
ferroalloy, ferro-molybdenum, ferrotitanium and other iron alloy charge and various non-ferrous metals.
various proportions of metal composite plates, (titanium steel, nickel steel, zirconium steel, copper steel, etc.) composite pipes, Production,
processing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment (heat exchangers, reactors, towers, etc.).

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Continuous technological innovation is the fundamental driving force for our development. In the field of rare metal new materials, we constantly explore new scientific and technological achievements worldwide

        Speciaty Element Material INC , Relying on the scientific and technological strength of Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, is mainly engaged in rare metal, tungsten molybdenum tantalum niobium zirconium titanium material production and deep processing, chemical equipment, rare metals, nickel titanium vacuum furnace manufacturing, precious metal catalyst is a collection of scientific research, development, technical manufacturing ,international trading for the integration of technology-intensive enterprises, products are widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, electronics, heat treatment, vacuum, medicine, machinery, glass, steel, rare earth, magnetic materials, and many other high-tech fields. Years arduous struggle constantly expanding scale, strengthening the means of production and processing, add a large form a complete set of advanced professional equipment, with rolling machine, rolling machine, forging machine, intermediate frequency furnace, rotary forging and other professional machining equipment, inspection, testing equipment complete, hired industry experts and professionals engaged in rare metal high performance in the field of high-tech research and development, hire domestic famous experts and professors to teach, training professional talents for rare metals industry.

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The discovery, utilization and industrialization of new materials science and technology is a revolutionin materials science and technology. New material technology is a huge asset of society.
Whether in the Bronze Age or the modern information age,fine materials will become an important symbol of the development of social civilization



3D printing engine

China successfully developed titanium alloy reinforcement frame for the largest 3D print engine...

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"Black Technology”

The new metal material “black technology” such as titanium alloy in Qingluo base opens up broad application prospects...

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3D printing industry

China Manufacturing 2025 brings opportunities and development space for the 3D printing industry...

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Science and technology are the core values of our services, using materials to change lifestyles.

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Mainly engaged in the production and deep processing of rare metals, tungsten, molybdenum, zirconium and titanium materials, chemical equipment, rare metals, nickel-titanium vacuum furnace manufacturing, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, development and technical training. Technology-intensive enterprises, products are widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, electronics, heat treatment, vacuum, medicine, machinery, glass, steel, rare earth, magnetic materials and many other high-tech fields.
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