Nano nickel powder

Application field
1 magnetic fluid with nano-iron, nano-cobalt, nano-nickel and nano-alloy powder production of magnetic fluid performance is excellent, can be widely used in sealing shock absorption, medical equipment, sound adjustment, light display and other fields;
2 high-efficiency catalyst: nano-nickel, ultra-fine nickel powder due to its large specific surface area and high activity, nano-nickel powder has a strong catalytic effect, can be used for organic hydrogenation reaction, automobile exhaust gas treatment, etc.;
3 High-efficiency combustion-supporting agent: Adding nano-nickel powder to the rocket's solid fuel propellant can greatly improve the fuel burning speed, combustion heat and improve combustion stability:
4 Conductive paste: Electronic paste is widely used in wiring, packaging, connection, etc. in the microelectronics industry, and plays an important role in miniaturization of microelectronic devices. The electronic slurry made of nickel, copper, aluminum and silver nano powder has superior performance, which is beneficial to further miniaturization of the circuit;
5 high-performance electrode material: using nano-nickel powder and appropriate process, can produce electrodes with large surface area, which can greatly improve the discharge efficiency;
6 Activated Sintering Additives: Nano-powders have a high energy state due to their large surface area and surface atomic proportions. They have strong sintering ability at lower temperatures and are an effective sintering additive, which can be greatly reduced. Sintering temperature of powder metallurgy products and high temperature ceramic products;
7 Metal and non-metal surface conductive coating treatment: Since nano aluminum, nano copper, and nano nickel have high activation surface, the coating can be applied at a temperature lower than the melting point of the powder under anaerobic conditions. This technology can be applied to the production of microelectronic devices.