Nano copper powder

Application field

1. Nano-copper powder and ultra-fine copper powder can be used as the production of microelectronic devices for the manufacture of terminals for multilayer ceramic capacitors;
2. It can also be used as a catalyst in the reaction process of carbon dioxide and hydrogen synthesis of methanol;
3. Treatment of conductive coatings on metallic and non-metallic surfaces;
4, conductive paste, used as a petroleum lubricant and pharmaceutical industry;
5. Nano-copper is suitable for the production of electronic, electronic technology, instrument manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, and metal products, special-purpose paints and building materials;
6. Nano-copper is widely used in the production of powder metallurgy, cemented carbide, diamond tool products, electric carbon products, handicrafts, friction materials, non-ferrous metal alloys, and antistatic products and special coatings, chemical catalyzing agents, chemical dye additives, Lubricants and other products.