Nano zinc powder

Main features: Nano zinc powder and ultra-fine zinc powder are prepared by special process. High-activity zinc powder has high content of metal zinc, low content of other impurity elements, smooth surface of particles, large specific surface area, controllable average particle size and low bulk density. It has the characteristics of less surface oxidation, melt deformation and less adhesion to grape-like particles, and is easy to disperse and industrialize.

Application field
1. Rubber field: In the rubber industry, nano zinc is a vulcanization active agent, which is superior to ordinary zinc powder in dispersibility and can improve the thermal conductivity, wear resistance and tear resistance of rubber products. It is mainly used in natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and shun. Among the rubber products such as butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, ethylene propylene rubber and butyl rubber, especially for the nitrile rubber and PVC rubber foaming industry;
2. Water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer, inorganic zinc silicate shop primer, inorganic zinc silicate anti-rust paint, epoxy zinc-rich primer, fluorocarbon paint, etc.;
3. Zinc anti-corrosion coating production: the main use of anti-corrosion metal zinc of steel components, coating methods are hot-plating, electroplating, thermal spraying, zinc-rich coating, powder plating, etc.;
4. Chemical production: used as a reducing agent in the production of insurance powder (sodium hyposulfite), lithopone (zinc bismuth), carved white block (sodium hyposulfite formaldehyde), dye intermediates, etc. Zinc powder for coating, average particle size is 1 μm;
5. Ultra-fine zinc powder is the main raw materials for the manufacture of paints, coatings and chemical products such as carved white blocks, sodium zincate, zinc oxide, etc., as well as organic synthesis of reducing agents;
6. In addition, nano zinc powder and ultrafine zinc powder are widely used in metallurgical industry, battery industry, as well as pesticide, feed, dye and manufacturing industries.