Sn powder

Main features: Nano tin powder is prepared by special process, high purity, uniform particle size, good spherical shape, good dispersibility, high oxidation temperature and good sintering shrinkage.

Application field
Metal nano-lubricating additive: Adding 0.1~0.5% nano-tin powder to lubricating oil and grease, the self-lubricating and self-repairing film is formed on the surface of the friction pair during friction, which significantly reduces the anti-wear and anti-friction performance of the friction pair.
Activated Sintering Additive: Nano-tin powder greatly reduces the sintering temperature of powder metallurgical products and high-temperature ceramic products in powder metallurgy.
Metallic and non-metallic surface conductive coating treatment: coating is applied under anaerobic conditions at temperatures below the melting point of the powder. This technique can be used in the production of microelectronic devices.