Titanium steel composite board

Detailed description:
Prevention measures of titanium alloy composite board
1, composite board defects
1) Adhere to the re-inspection system of incoming materials, and the combination of composite boards should be tested one by one. The focus is on transition joints, flanges, etc. For composite plates that do not consider strength for titanium, the flaw detection requires continuous 100% ultrasonic flaw detection in the range of 50 mm wide, and 200 mm pitch inspection in the remaining areas. The rest, 100% flaw detection.
2) When the plasticity of the composite plate is poor, it is necessary to re-anneal, stress, improve its performance, and prevent defects in subsequent production.
3) When the reel of the reel, stamping head, etc. needs to be bent, when the temperature is low, the flame is preheated to prevent the occurrence of bubbling or cracking.
4) When the hole is cut and the hole is drilled, the blanking and drilling operations should be processed from the titanium layer to the steel layer to prevent the composite plate from being torn or cracked.

2, welding defects
1) The argon gas with a purity of not less than 99.99% should be used as the shielding gas for the welded titanium layer. In addition, the welding wire does not allow cracks and interlayers.
2) Carefully clean and treat the workpiece weld area before welding. Ambient temperature below 5, using flame preheating base steel surface
3) For titanium steel composite board equipment, the titanium weld seam processing technology is strip processing, that is, the titanium layer is removed within 15mm of the edge of the composite board, the steel weld is welded first, and the steel weld is completely covered with 50mm wide titanium strip. The welding of the titanium layer is performed while argon gas is protected.
4) The micro-cracks on the surface of the composite board must be cleaned and then repaired. For small cracks, direct repair welding can be used.
5) For the non-adhesive found in the production and inspection process, if the area is large, the material must be replaced. If the area is small, the remedial can be used. The rivet is reinforced with the unbonded area, and the rivet is less suitable.
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