Copper-aluminum composite board

Stainless steel composite plate
    The stainless steel clad plate is a composite plate steel plate in which a carbon steel base layer and a stainless steel clad layer are combined. Its main feature is the solid metallurgical bond between carbon steel and stainless steel. It can perform various processing such as hot pressing, cold bending, cutting, welding, etc., and has good process performance.

For the base material of the stainless steel clad plate, various ordinary carbon steels such as Q235B, Q345R, and 20R and special steel can be used. Various grades of stainless steel such as 304, 316L, 1Cr13 and duplex stainless steel can be used for the cladding material. Material and thickness can be combined freely to meet the needs of different users. The stainless steel clad plate not only has the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, but also has good mechanical strength and processing properties of carbon steel, and is a new type of industrial product. Stainless steel clad plates have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, salt, water conservancy and electric power industries. As a resource-saving product, the stainless steel clad plate reduces the consumption of precious metals and greatly reduces the project cost. Achieve the perfect combination of low cost and high performance, with good social benefits.

Copper-aluminum composite board
Generally, the manufacturing method of the composite steel plate includes a filled metal ingot rolling method, an explosion composite method, a rolling pressure bonding method, a build-up welding method, and the like. Considering the characteristics of titanium, the explosive composite method or rolling and crimping method is often used in the industry, and the actual production method includes the 1) explosion composite method, and the rolling and crimping method includes 2) thick plate rolling method 3) and continuous hot rolling. law. The explosive composite method is usually carried out at room temperature, and the rolling and crimping method is to assemble the plate and heat and roll it.