Lead aluminum lead composite

Production Process:
Our company uses the new explosive rolling process to produce composite rod products. The bonding strength between titanium and copper is high, the bonding rate index is over 98%, and the shear strength is ≥130Mpa. The surface finish is high and the geometrical dimensions are accurate; the length can be up to 4 meters, and the welding of different geometries can also be performed.

According to customer's requirements, we can produce multi-shape, multi-size titanium-copper composite rods with round, square, drum, and rectangular sections. It can also produce the same processing products such as nickel-clad copper, zirconium-coated copper and stainless steel-clad copper.

Variety drum type, round shape, square shape, flat type, etc.
Grade TA2/T2
Specifications 24×24
The surface of the copper rod (base) is coated with a titanium layer, which has excellent electrical conductivity of copper and excellent corrosion resistance of the outer titanium layer, has a long working life, greatly reduces energy consumption, maintenance cost, and improves Chemical pollution environment and operating conditions.
Main areas:
It is mainly used as a rack in electroplating, electrolysis, hydrometallurgy and other processes. It not only ensures the original electrical conductivity of copper, but also protects the copper body from corrosion by titanium coating, and greatly reduces electroplating and electrolysis. Liquid contamination.
Product reference picture

Customized requirements
1, shape, flat pass, stick, Z-shape or drum shape, or other shape
2. According to the customer's request, whether the two ends are closed or not.