Titanium alloy processing parts

Titanium alloy processing parts

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Executive standard

Titanium processing parts, titanium shaped parts, titanium forgings

Outer diameter (100~800mm) Inner diameter (40~100mm)Χ Height Processing according to drawings/customer requirements

Hot forging, machining


GB/T16598ASTM B381          ASM 4928

There should be no visible defects such as cracks, folds, and heavy skin on the surface of the product. Surface local defects are allowed to be removed by grinding, the depth of cleaning should not exceed their dimensional tolerances, and the minimum allowable size should be guaranteed. The ratio of cleaning depth to width should be no more than 1:6 on both ends, and should not be greater than 1:10 on the inner and outer sides. The outer side grinding should be in the axial direction.
Surface finish: clean, dust-free, and better acid-resistant service life.
Testing: mechanical properties, chemical composition testing, ultrasonic testing.