Titanium high diameter flange

Titanium high diameter flange,Titanium high precision flange

product description
First, product features and uses

The flange is also called a flange or flange. A part that connects the pipe to the pipe and is connected to the pipe end. There are holes in the flange, and bolts can be worn to make the two flanges tightly connected. The flanges are sealed with gaskets. Flanged pipe fittings are pipe fittings with flanges (flanges or lands). It can be cast or it can be made by screwing or welding. Flange (joint) consists of a pair of flanges, a spacer and several bolts and nuts. The gasket is placed between the two flange sealing surfaces. After the nut is tightened, the specific pressure on the surface of the gasket reaches a certain value and then deforms, and fills the unevenness on the sealing surface to make the joint tight.

Second, the specification parameters

Flange standards: HG, GB, JB, API, ANSI, ISO, BS, DIN, NF, JIS

Main material: TA1, TA2, TA10, TC4, Gr1, GR2, GR5 GR7

Pressure rating: PN1.6-15.0Mpa Class150-900Lb

Nominal diameter: DN15-DN1000 1/2"-40"

Specifications: According to standard specifications, customers provide drawings

Production methods: forging, die forging, swaging, precision forging, welding

Detection: ultrasonic testing, infiltration coloring detection

Third, production methods: free forging, die forging, precision forging, welding
Fourth, the detection method: according to customer needs to do radiation detection, coloring, flaw detection, water pressure experiments and other tests.
Five, scope of application: The products are widely used in chemical equipment, vacuum salt, automobile industry, paper and textile industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, chlor-alkali industry, fertilizer manufacturing industry, seawater desalination equipment industry.