Metal fiber properties

    The metal fiber refers to a fiber-shaped material having a high metal content and continuously distributed metal materials and having a lateral dimension of micron. The fibers in which the metal fine powder is discontinuously dispersed in the organic polymer are not metal fibers.

Metal fibers are generally on the order of micrometers, such as stainless steel fibers generally having a diameter of about 10 μm, and the average diameter of fine stainless steel fibers currently available on the market is 4 μm. Metal fiber has good mechanical properties, not only high fracture strength and tensile modulus, but also good bending resistance and toughness; good electrical conductivity and anti-static, such as tungsten fiber used as filament of incandescent bulb At the same time, it is also an important material for preventing electromagnetic radiation and conductive and electrical signal transmission; it has high temperature resistance; stainless steel fiber, gold fiber, nickel fiber, etc. also has good chemical corrosion resistance, and is not easily oxidized in air.
Metal fibers have the following characteristics:
(1) Metal fibers can be operated at temperatures of 500 to 590 ° C (930 to 1100 ° C) and may be used in more complex systems in the future.
(2) Metal fiber is superior to ceramic filter material under high temperature, high pressure drop, purification ability and stability.
(3) The metal fiber has an irregular cross section and a conventional surface area, so that it has a very large specific surface area.