Main use of metal fiber

The main purpose

(1) Conductors for power transmission and electrical signal transmission in smart clothing.
(2) Antistatic materials in general functional clothing, if metal short fiber blending is used, the weight blending ratio is less than 10%; if metal fiber filaments are used, the weight blending ratio is less than 2.5%, which can be completely achieved. Eliminate all kinds of static electricity such as friction and induction. This is suitable for the transportation of oil, gas fields and inflammable and explosive products, the transportation of flammable and explosive materials such as oil and hot gas, and the safe operation of electrical appliances.
(3) The metal fiber is embedded in the fabric to achieve a good electromagnetic wave shielding effect. It has a wide range of applications in military, aerospace, communications and confidential shielding environments.
(4) Chemical reagents, processing materials, filter screens for waste liquid wastewater filtration, filters for high-temperature dust filters, and materials requiring high strength, wear resistance, and conductive conveyor belts.
(5) Reinforcing materials in metal composite materials, such as explosion-proof tires, connecting rods for automobile engines, and the like.
(6) Other special materials, such as conductive paper, filaments of incandescent bulbs, etc.