What is superconducting material

    Superconducting material refers to a material that exhibits the properties of electrical resistance equal to zero and repulsive magnetic lines under certain low temperature conditions. It has been found that 28 elements and thousands of alloys and compounds can be superconductors.

    In ordinary conductors, electrons collide with each other to generate heat during the movement, thus losing part of the energy. However, there is a material in which the electrons in the body are like the sports car driving on the high-speed fast lane without any blockage. Superconducting materials, superconducting materials exist in extremely harsh conditions, so what is superconducting, what application of superconducting materials?

    In 1911, H. Kamenlin Ones of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands accidentally discovered that when mercury was cooled to -268.98 °C, the resistance of mercury suddenly disappeared. Later he discovered that many metals and alloys have similar properties to the above-mentioned mercury. The property of losing electrical resistance at low temperatures, due to its special electrical conductivity, H. Kamenlin Ones called the superconducting state.

    Since the critical temperature of the superconducting material originally found is close to absolute zero, the actual use value is not high. With the exploration of new materials, materials with a critical temperature of 40k or even hundreds of k have been studied. The increase of critical temperature accelerates the practical application of superconducting materials, which are so-called high-temperature superconducting materials. . Almost all high-temperature superconducting materials can be used in practice, so there is no special explanation at present. Everyone says that superconducting materials refer to high-temperature superconductors.

    In addition, although the high-temperature superconducting material has a high temperature word, it is only a few tens of degrees higher than -268.98 °C, and the actual application still needs to be less than one hundred and sixty degrees, which is already the highest. The temperature is gone.