Aluminum titanium boron block

Aluminum titanium boron block AlTi5B1

Containing 5% titanium and 1% boron, the balance is aluminum.
The internal components and metallographic structure are uniform, clean, non-segregation, segregation and inclusion.
Using high-quality pure aluminum and titanium boron compounds as raw materials, the process parameters are controlled accurately and the grain refining ability is expressed.
The refinement ability is long-lasting and the effect is strong.
It is extremely easy to use and has no pollution to aluminum alloy melt.
After the refining is completed, the aluminum slag is exhausted.
Adjust the temperature of the aluminum liquid to 700-740 ° C, preheat the aluminum titanium boron (rod) refiner at the furnace side.
1.0-1.5 kg per ton of 6063 aluminum alloy.
Disperse the input and stir for 5-6 minutes.
After standing for 15 minutes, it can be cast in water.
Use points: temperature, agitation, time.
Note: The addition method has a great influence on the grain size, and should be added twenty minutes before casting, which can exert the combined effect of Ti-B to a large extent.