Aluminum-iron alloy

Aluminum-iron alloy, intermediate alloy, aluminum-iron intermediate alloy

The iron content is 20% ± 1, and the balance is aluminum.
The internal components and crystal phase structure are uniform, clean, non-segregation, segregation and inclusion.
Using high-quality pure aluminum and pure iron as raw materials, the process parameters are controlled accurately.
It is extremely easy to use and has no pollution to aluminum alloy melt.
Role: For the addition of iron in iron-containing aluminum alloys and refinement of alloy crystal structure.
Use method:
Dry before use.
Adding temperature: 730 ° C - 780 ° C, the relative temperature is not lower than 750 ° C.
In general, it should be added before refining to ensure that the iron has sufficient dissolution and diffusion time.
Use points: temperature, time, stirring.
Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, protected from moisture.