Aluminum silicon alloy

Aluminum-silicon intermediate alloy, aluminum-silicon alloy, aluminum-based intermediate alloy

1. Product Features:
Aluminum alloy is a kind of non-ferrous metal structural material widely used in industry. It has a large number of applications in aerospace, automobile, ship and machinery. Aluminum alloy can be divided into various types according to the content of its components. Among them, aluminum-silicon alloy is In the process of manufacturing aluminum-silicon alloy, since the melting point of silicon is high and it is difficult to melt into the alloy, it is advantageous to master the finished product smelted by the method of preparing aluminum-silicon alloy.
2. Product composition:
Silicon-containing intermediate alloy containing 18.0~22.0% of silicon is used for the addition of silicon in aluminum alloy smelting. The addition temperature is low, and the composition of silicon is accurately controlled.
3. How to use:
Dry before use. The addition temperature is suitable for above 720 °C.
The amount of this product added is determined by calculation and testing.
Adding method: pry the scum, put the product into the aluminum liquid lightly, stir evenly after melting, sample and analyze, and carry out pouring after the ingredients are qualified. When added in a large amount, it can be added to the melt together with the aluminum ingot.
4. Packing: The product has waffle shape, block shape, pallet delivery, carton delivery.
5. Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, and dry it before use.