China's technological breakthrough

:2019-08-01 140

China's breakthrough metal direct sintering rapid prototyping technology

    DMLS, the direct metal laser sintering technology, is the jewel in the crown of 3D printing technology. This technology is directly deposited by laser melting of metal powder. The metal itself is dense and melted, and it is not the cavity during the forming of powder metallurgy. The  density of the structural parts produced by this technology can reach more than 99%, close to the forged material embryo. body. At present, the technology is mainly used in the world to manufacture complex components that cannot be processed by high-stress traditional processes. The formation of irregular components can reach the level of 90%~95% of the highest strength of the same grade metal, close to the general forged components, with high precision. The molding limit is extremely limited, and it is widely used in the field of high-end precision parts manufacturing.

    DMLS direct metal laser sintering technology has been controlled by at least 3D printing giants in Germany, the United States and other countries. Each DMLS printer is priced at more than 10 million yuan. China's 3D printing technology has a huge gap with the world's advanced enterprises in this field. In order to grasp the core technology as soon as possible and shorten the gap with the world's advanced level, in August 2014, a division of Kunming established an additive manufacturing division, specializing in the research and product development of additive manufacturing technology. The institute has introduced excellent technical teams at home and abroad to accelerate the research and development of key technologies such as “mechanical structure, intelligent control, software engineering, new materials”. After completing the development and finalization of the fused deposition technology printer, the technical team concentrated on the metal laser sintering molding technology. After continuous struggle, the customers have encountered many difficulties and finally completed the first type with independent intellectual property rights, and concentrated on breaking through the metal laser sintering forming technology. After continuous struggles and difficulties for customers, the trial production of the first DMLS principle machine with independent intellectual property rights was finally completed. At present, the technical team has completed the sintering test of 316L stainless steel, titanium alloy and other metal powder parts using this key technology.