Reduced iron powder

:2017-05-01 178

China's reduced iron powder production accounts for 60% of the total iron powder

    Iron powder is the basic raw material of the powder metallurgy industry, and all countries in the world attach great importance to the production of iron powder. The world produces more than 1 million tons of iron powder every year. China has a production capacity of more than 300,000 tons, of which reduced iron powder production accounts for 60%.
    Reduced iron powder is a very important raw material and is used in many applications. When producing reduced iron powder in China, it is generally made of Tielin as the raw material. The reduced iron powder produced by this method has become the main source of iron powder in China, and this enterprise has already scaled in China. However, in foreign markets, the production of such reduced iron powder is still very small, while in Europe, the use of reduced iron powder in powder metallurgy products in the United States is iron powder with concentrate powder as raw material.
    China's production of refined iron powder in concentrate powder has also made a good start, but enterprises still have the limitations of small production scale and scattered source. Therefore, the focus of the company's next step is to develop a large supply base of iron concentrate, a good quality of the mineral phase, and a stable supply base for concentrate powder. If the source of the mine can be determined, it is possible to develop large-scale large-scale production enterprises of large-scale reduced iron powder with large-scale concentrate powder as raw material.