"Black Technology”

:2019-08-01 145

The new metal material “black technology” such as titanium alloy in Qingluo base opens up broad application prospects

    A silver metal plate with a hole in the surface and floating lightly on the water, attracting many audiences to pry into the principle... In the 2019 Henan Science and Technology Activity Week held in Zhengzhou and the city science and technology activities Zhoujin campus related exhibitions The new metal materials brought by the Luoyang Advanced Manufacturing Industry R&D Base of Tsinghua University Tianjin High-end Equipment Research Institute became one of the star exhibits.

    This new metal material that subverts people's common sense is the new technology product of Tsinghua University, which was introduced by Qingluo Base in recent years.
    “As the name implies, the foam aluminum is filled with holes in the middle, and there are many production methods, including melt foaming method, direct blowing method, percolation method, powder metallurgy method, etc. Our technology is melt foaming method, that is, melting in aluminum. The foaming agent is mixed into the liquid, and the foaming agent releases gas after stirring and thickening, so that the aluminum melt expands and solidifies like a bread fermentation, and the foaming effect is produced,” said the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Qingluo Base.

    Foamed aluminum has the advantages of light weight and firmness. Its density is 20% to 40% of metal aluminum. It can even be lower than water density. Its bending specific rigidity is 1.5 times that of steel, and it has excellent sound insulation effect.
    According to relevant sources, at present, domestic soundproofing materials are mostly sound-insulating cotton, foam cement, etc., and there are limitations such as low-frequency noise sound insulation and non-recyclability. While foam aluminum has excellent sound insulation effect, it also has the advantages of high strength, recyclability, high temperature resistance, etc., and has broad application prospects.

    For example, aluminum foam can be directly attached to the exterior wall of the building for sound insulation, or erected on both sides of the viaduct and light rail as a large sound-absorbing wall to reduce urban traffic noise; it can be installed in the acoustic room and multi-function hall to improve the sound effect through sound absorption. In the industrial sector, aluminum foam can be used for noise isolation in factory rooms, machinery, and outdoor construction sites. At present, foreign high-end car manufacturers have used foam aluminum composite materials to achieve lightweight body and noise reduction of the engine.
    Because of such excellent physical properties, the foam aluminum-related preparation technology originating from Tsinghua University has been successfully authorized externally, and the products are used in batch construction of substation sound insulation walls in a port in Liaoning. After testing, the product has excellent noise reduction effect on low frequency noise, and the noise reduction rate is above 30%.
    In recent years, Qingluo Base introduced the team of Liu Yuan, an associate professor of materials at Tsinghua University, to establish a special metal materials research institute, and developed special structural materials such as porous, honeycomb, foam and other non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, copper and titanium. Used in aerospace, construction, transportation and other fields. Among them, the titanium alloy sandwich lightweight structure has the advantages of light weight, low specific gravity, excellent energy absorption and electromagnetic shielding effect, and the technology has reached the domestic leading level.
    Relevant persons introduced, relying on the relevant technology accumulation, the research and development of titanium alloys and the processing and forming technology engineering of special equipment led by Qingluo Base were listed as the special leading industrial clusters of Zheng Luoxin. In the future, Qingluo Base will further increase its technological breakthroughs and product market development efforts, so that more new material innovations will be transformed into their own areas in Luoyang, and the results will bear fruit.